Williams & Associates is an energetic and dedicated team of highly skilled, solution oriented civil and traffic engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, and planners. We are committed to providing clients with innovative, efficient and affordable solutions to the complex issues presented by today’s sophisticated development and infrastructure issues in a responsive, timely and professional manner.

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The core of our business is civil engineering consulting services, but not a lot of people outside of the industry really understand what that entails. While there are a lot of different aspects of civil engineering, our firm focuses on the services needed to develop and construct a project.

Nearly every construction project needs a professionally-designed plan for site layout, sanitation, storm water, domestic water, utilities, grading, landscaping, and erosion and sedimentation control. Fortunately, our civil engineering consultants can help you with all of these issues. A professional design plan for your project will include a map detailing how the site will be graded, set up for storm water retention/detention and accommodate utility connections. In the case of projects with multiple buildings, a plan will also need to include a detailed utility plan showing how each building will get water and sanitation services. These plans must fit within zoning and design ordinances of the governing agencies and must also be most cost effective and functional for the general welfare of the users. These plans must also adhere to strict Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

While many plans can be developed to accommodate the requirements of the permits necessary to get your project approved, a professionally developed plan will ultimately lower your construction costs and make communication with your construction team much easier. Furthermore, local, state, and federal permitting requirements state that a professional engineer must create these development plans.

Even if you have an idea of what you what you want to do with your site, you’ll need the services of a professional, licensed civil engineer to make it happen. Our consultants work with you every step of the way to determine where you can build based on utility and road easements as well as EPD restrictions and how many square feet you can get on the property based on site restrictions and local ordinances. Our team of engineers can save you money by determining the most efficient way to build your project.

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An accurate survey is the first step for any development plan. No matter where your property is located, the size of the property, or the terrain, our team can provide complete land surveying services. Our versatile staff uses robotic total stations and GPS equipment, and works on all phases of large commercial projects and also many services for smaller residential surveys, including FEMA elevation certificates.

In addition to the basic metes and bounds surveys required for residential real estate transactions, our team can also provide topographical surveys and platting services. Topographic surveys show the boundaries of the property, as well as elevations at multiple points within the parcel. In addition, our surveyors can show gradation lines, civic easements, and existing site features such as utility lines and connections. This gives our civil engineers the information that he or she needs to start developing a plan for a new construction project. Platting services are often required when subdividing or creating a new lot and follow the guidelines required by the state and local municipality.

Our surveyors also do construction staking, including marking boundaries of a property or preparing a site for construction crews by marking the placement for a building, grading of the site, and utility infrastructure. By selecting our surveyors for your project, you’ll get a seamless transition as your site moves from initial topographical survey, to civil engineering and permitting, and finally onto construction staking and post construction surveys.

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From inception, our experience in the private development arena prepared us to become a recognized and respected company within the municipal and economic development engineering community at both the local and state level.
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Every land development project generates trips that are specific to the land use of the proposed project. When the trips that are generated by a project exceed thresholds that are set be the local review authority, a traffic impact analysis or traffic study is required. The traffic study can impact both the location and configuration of the access to a project and the scope of the required offsite improvements and is often required early in the review process as a part of a rezone or during the due diligence period.

During the plan preparation process, the traffic engineer prepares a traffic study to analyze the impact of the proposed traffic on the existing roadway and transportation network, which includes pedestrian, public transportation, and bicycle traffic. If necessary, the traffic study recommends improvements, such as signalization striping, and lane configurations, to offset the impacts to the transportation network. Our team of professional engineers develops the traffic engineering recommendations based on the analysis of the results from the traffic study and not on a subjective basis to ensure that the project minimizes congestion and promote access to the project site.

With the incorporation of the traffic study recommendations into the site development plans, our team of in-house engineers and planners ensures a seamless project. Any changes to the site plan, such as density and or site configuration, will impact the traffic study and our multiple-disciplined office team allows Williams & Associates to provide dynamic assessment of the impact of project scope changes on the traffic study. The result is a fully-integrated project that meets the needs of all of the developers, the review authorities, and the impact on the roadway network.

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Local communities and their Economic Development Agencies (EDAs) must be extremely responsive and accurate to site location consultants, real estate brokers and statewide project managers. We assist EDAs to be better prepared and responsive as prospects consider locating new plants and facilities in their community. Williams & Associates provides a broad range of planning, site evaluation and analysis, conceptual design, cost estimating, environmental permitting and engineering services to help prepare EDAs for prospect RFI’s and respond to site information requests on a timely basis.

Many varied physical factors, along with federal, state and local regulations influence total site development costs. Williams & Associates is skilled at listening to a prospect’s goals and translating these project goals into economically viable site design solutions. We represent many community EDAs in bringing site design solutions to their successful economic development programs. Our relationship with site location consultants, state and utility economic development organizations and major General Contractors is well established and beneficial for our clients.

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The landscape design of a project is often the defining element that can set a project apart from other market completion. A residential development that skips this step will look unfinished to potential buyers and may ultimately experience a loss of value. A commercial or industrial project that doesn’t take the time to incorporate landscape design will most likely experience delays and difficulty in permitting.

In fact, many developers are surprised to learn that there are many regulations regarding the landscape design of a project. These ordinances can control the number and type of plants that are used, as well as their size at planting and placement. Coordinating the landscape design with the civil engineering team will not only help expedite the permitting process but will also add long term aesthetic value to the project.

Finally, a professionally developed landscape plan can save thousands of dollars in maintenance cost over the life of a project. Our team is able to choose plants that not only work well with the site from its inception but also as it matures over time. Choosing the right plant can significantly reduce the need for activities such as pruning, irrigating and vegetation replacement. This not only reduces a projects maintenance budget but also establishes an environment that is enhanced with age.

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Land development is more than simply laying out roads and utilities. In order to maximize your profits on a project, you need a team who understands every aspect of land development. Williams and Associates can provide you with a team of professionals who understand the various aspects of making your project a success.

Even before you purchase a parcel of land, our consultants can help you determine its suitability for development. This includes advice on zoning, potential permitting issues and development potential. In many cases, a client is able to gain an estimate of his or her development costs and timeline before he or she makes the decision to purchase property.

If you already own property but aren’t sure what to do with it, our consultants can help. People and companies who are new to development will need a professional team to not only guide them through the process, but also help them avoid major and minor problems. No one wants to find out halfway through a development project that they do not have all the permits they need, or that their design has no chance of getting passed by a local approval board. By consulting with a company that has experience working on hundreds of projects in various municipalities, you’ll be able to know how to get your project approved and constructed on a schedule that meets your goals.

Experienced property developers and real estate professionals know that every property presents its own unique challenges. Our team has worked through almost every situation that can come up during the development process. Our close relationships with local and state government, real estate professionals, developers, and construction managers mean that we can resolve almost any problem.

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Outdoor advertising consists of much more than deciding what to put on a billboard. In fact, this highly effective way of getting the word out about your business requires a great deal of planning to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing budget. Williams & Associates offers a variety of services to the outdoor advertising industry including permitting, visibility studies, visual aids, and vegetation management application assistance.

Williams & Associates has the experience and resources necessary to obtain permits needed to locate outdoor advertising structures in different municipalities. As a part of this process or once permitted, W&A can provide visual aids, descriptive site plans and renderings of the potential structure to present to a landowner, developer or municipality. When deciding on a sign location, W&A can conduct visibility studies, providing the client with several options to best locate the billboard for maximum exposure.

Vegetation Management is a fundamental component in the effectiveness of an outdoor advertising sign. Clearing of vegetation within viewing zones increases visibility and, therefore, increases revenue for existing outdoor advertising visible from the ROW. Thanks to new regulations, clearing of vegetation within the GDOT ROW can be permitted. Complying with the regulations that govern tree removal and pruning in the DOT rights-of-way can be a difficult and time consuming task. Williams & Associates is here to help! We have the experience, licenses, certifications, registrations, insurance, equipment, technology, and staff necessary to complete the application process, all under one roof!

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